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Custom Add-Ons

NetNest IT Solutions is equipped to solve almost any IT challenge. We are licensed and qualified to deliver networking solutions using Cisco networking hardware, and Windows server with active directory for server configurations. These accepted industry hardware and software standards are guaranteed to deliver solutions that work, but the generic methods of system control that are delivered with these tools do not suit every customer need or preference.

Our major strength is our versatility, and our ability to design custom software to fill the gaps between proprietary solutions, and specific customer needs. Many customers request a custom reporting solution for their POS Retail Management System (RMS). Standard reporting with RMS does not provide many of the specific fields and arrangement of fields, or the look and feel that customers require. We develop interfaces that meet these needs and deliver reports with custom details - right down to company headers and formatting.

Real control of a customer’s business is enabled by efficient access to all relevant information, and for complex business operations, this ideal vision is not always delivered by access to RMS POS data alone.

Often customers need access to all of the systems that contribute to the running of their business, including stock supply, accounts, employee records, and POS purchases. We can design interfaces to systems like MYOB and external vendor inventory systems that extract, and if necessary, send any relevant data to our customer.

Our customisation abilities are not restricted to just expanding the capabilities of POS systems. We can create almost any custom add-ons that a business needs in order to integrate the distinct systems within its entire IT eco-system. If we are provided with read and write access to a business’s systems, we can develop an interface. With these connections integrated, it is possible to deliver a big picture of the business in the form of reports and on-screen displays.

NetNest can bridge these gaps and provide business owners and managers with IT solutions that convert disparate data into powerful information.

Why not contact us to find out how we can help with customised add-ons.