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Restaurant POS Software - DINERWARE

Welcome to Dinerware

Dinerware POS software is designed to help restaurants operate smoothly. Dinerware point of sale software is easy to learn, use and modify - from the restaurateur’s point of view It is highly flexible and accommodates many service environments. For example, fine dining restaurants have different needs than bars or cafes. Whatever the type of establishment, Dinerware helps staff and managers complete tasks fast and efficiently in a way that works best for them.

Experience the difference

Dinerware tracks all sales, provides report breakdowns by tender type, and calculates the server banks. Server reconciliation is fast so servers and cashiers can print daily reports and settle with the house in minutes.

How Easy is "Easy?"

Get a report, edit an employee timesheet, change a price, or create a new happy hour in seconds, without leaving the floor!

  • Dinerware can be scaled to handle a virtually unlimited number of terminals.
  • Designed to work well on a single inexpensive computer, so it can be used as a replacement for your register.
  • Extremely easy to use for both staff and managers.
  • Low maintenance. Software upgrades are a snap.
  • All management functions can be performed from any terminal, at any time.

And, All the Features You Need to Run Your Restaurant!

Restaurants and bars of all sizes can afford to computerize with Dinerware.

  • For large restaurants, Dinerware offers less training, powerful management functions on the floor, totally open data access, and virtually unlimited capacity.
  • For small restaurants, Dinerware means no more compromises between price and and capability.
  • For all restaurants, Dinerware's breakthrough ease-of-use and low maintenance means you can control the costs associated with your system.

Just a Few of the Features DinerWare has to Offer...

  • Instantly create a new ticket by simply choosing a menu item.
  • Enter and pay for bar drinks quickly. No "fast bar" mode required.
  • One-touch item repeat is great for bartenders.
  • Easily Split or Combine tickets even with Shared Items.
  • Add new People to a ticket at any time. Great for informal groups!
  • Transfer tickets between servers and Change tables.
  • Unlimited payments on a single ticket.
  • Type a free-text Special Request for any item.
  • If a printer malfunctions, it’s easy to assign jobs to another printer temporarily.
  • Items are sorted by Item Group at the kitchen printer, so kitchen staff will see Appetizers before Entrees.
  • Set up happy hours with a few mouse clicks, and turn them off the same way