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Mobile Computing

Mobile computing solutions for small & large businesses


Touch screen computer technology with a range of portable device options

When it comes to flexible and portable computing solutions, NetNest has a range of devices and accessories to ensure your business operations are nimble, efficient and streamlined. We have a range of PDT devices, RFID devices, as well as a range of wearable devices to ensure that you and your staff can achieve higher levels of accuracy and productivity in your day to day business processes.

Wearable computer devices to flexibility & efficiency

As retailers of business IT equipment ourselves, we know how important it is to eliminate any errors that can occur when distributing materials to your customers, and performing other important business processes such as stocktake and stock movement between warehouse locations. With our comprehensive range of handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted mobile computing devices, scanners and accessories, you can ensure that your employees are performing their tasks as easily and efficiently as possible, with minimal errors and delays.

To ensure you can start using your equipment right away, we also stock a wide range of accompanying accessories for all of our mobile devices, including docks, styluses, replacement battery packs, vehicle cradles, plugs, chargers, and much more. Need a hand placing a large order, or want to speak to us about a custom solution for your business? Our friendly team will be more than happy to help you out. Simply contact us today >>