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About Us

NetNest IT Solutions is a growth company that specialises in designing and implementing custom Point of Sale solutions. Located in Sydney, we are also a complete IT services provider, dedicated to meeting the IT needs of customers, from custom-built software and hardware, to website development and data warehousing.

We are specialists in supplying and maintaining a wide range of IT equipment, so whether you need laptops for your business operation, or for personal use, we can supply or give advice on what is right for your needs.

At NetNest, we have been supplying tailored IT solutions for the last ten years, and we are establishing a reputation for bringing the right blend of technical proficiency and enthusiasm to meeting the varied IT requirements of both small and large businesses.

Whether your business operates one store, or runs a nationwide network of outlets, we can design scaled POS solutions that provide ease of use, irrespective of the size or distribution of your sales transactions.

We are Microsoft certified, and we have a pool of talented technicians, which gives us the confidence to know we can meet and exceed your expectations. Because our service is not restricted to offering just hardware or software, we can take a flexible approach, and really listen to your requirements. We can offer the best solution for you, whether it is with a POS system, or in another IT area.

The services we offer include:

  • Complete Point of Sale solutions, including POS hardware and POS software that includes Retail Management System (RMS), Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, and Dinerware (a POS offering for restaurants).
  • Custom software, hardware, server installation and networking services.
  • Data warehousing to ensure the ongoing integrity and accessibility of your most important IT asset, your business and customer data.
  • Reporting systems, custom made, or tailored to your requirements.
Out Team

We hold a number of certifications, so you can have the confidence that we can handle your IT needs. Our certified competencies include:

  • MCNPS - Microsoft Certified Network Product Specialist
  • MBSS - Microsoft Certified Business Management Specialist
  • MSOS - Microsoft Outlook Specialist
  • MCAPPS - Microsoft Office Specialist
  • SA - Software Assurance

Case study

The following case study demonstrates our approach to solving a unique customer need:

A company renting complete stages for events needed a convenient method for managing its inventory of stage parts. Stages come in parts, and every part down to the last screw must be accounted for. We implemented a method of barcoding each stage part, and designed a user interface on a companion mobile scanning device.

This hand held scanning device was used to scan barcodes on stage parts, register each one with on-board software, and on hire completion, tally returned parts against a system inventory contained in a cut-down customer database. On completion of part scanning, the hirer is quickly able to view which parts are missing, and all without the need for network connectivity.

This case study is a common example of how we can work with a client to come up with an innovative solution for their needs.